At IRIS Hospital we strive to give you the best medical treatment in an affordable manner. Please read all the general information below for all the Do’s, Don’ts at the Hospital and it’s Policy. This will help in providing services in the best possible manner.

General Information

  • What to bring with you when you come to the hospital.

    1. All your Medical Documents (Reports, Doctor’s Prescriptions, etc.).
    2. In case you have a medi-claim, please bring all medi-claim related documents.
    3. List of all your routine medicines.
    4. A valid photo identity card issued by the Government.
  • What not to bring to the hospital

    1. Valuables such as jewellery, large sums of cash, etc, as the hospital will not be liable for any loss of valuables.
    2. Any electrical appliances of any type.
  • After admission, IRIS Hospital will provide

    1. Patient dress
    2. A kit containing basic toiletries.
    3. Food as per the patient’s recommended diet (please note that outside food is not allowed in the hospital).
    4. All medicines and consumables as prescribed by the doctors (please note that medicines and consumables from outside the hospital pharmacy are not allowed in the hospital).
  • Visitor Information

    Visiting Hours for Ward

    Patient parties are requested to strictly maintain visiting hour timings

    Morning : 10 am – 11 am (Maximum 2 people at a time with patient visiting cards)
    Evening  :   4 pm –   6 pm (Maximum 2 people at a time with patient visiting cards)

    Visiting Hours for ICU / HDU

    Only evening : 5 pm – 6 pm (Maximum 1 person at a time with patient visiting card)

    Rules for Visitors

    1. Please carry the patient visiting card(s) with you at all times
    2. Kids below 12 years of age are not allowed in the ward, except on Sunday evenings.
    3. Kindly ensure that you wash your hands and sanitise them before you touch the patient, as this will prevent the spread of infection.
    4. As a courtesy to the patients and doctors, you are requested to switch off your mobile phone or turn off the ringer when you are in the ward or meeting with the doctor.
    5. Try and stay for as little time with the patients as possible. More rest will help in quicker recovery of patients.
    6. Do leave the room if the doctor or care giver arrives to examine or talk to the patient.
    7. You are strictly advised not to enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious (like coughs, colds, etc).
    8. Flowers and bouquets are not allowed in the hospital.
    9. Do not attempt to any photography or video shoot within the hospital premises.
  • Room Assignment

    We will make every effort to provide you with the type of room that you have requested for. In case that room type is not available, then we will allot the best alternate room available. You have a choice of the following room types at IRIS Hospital :

    • Suite
    • Single Room
    • Double Bedded Room
    • Five Bedded (General) Room

    If you have pre-booked your admission then you will get preference on bed allotment on the day of your admission, but there is no guarantee of getting your preferred bed, as the same would be subject to availability.

    The requirement of ICU, if any, will be decided by the Consultant / EMO / RMO after examining the patient.

    Please note:  If the patient is required to be transferred to the ICU or PICU, then the room/bed that the patient was occupying prior to the transfer, would compulsorily have to be vacated by the patient’s attendants.

  • Billing Information

    1. The bed charges are calculated from 12 noon to 12 noon (the following day) irrespective of the time of admission.
    2. Patient relatives are to keep in touch with the front office regarding the patient’s bill on at least two occasions a day (morning and evening) and make payments accordingly. At the time of admission, the deposit for General Bed is Rs. 10,000, for Double Bed is Rs. 15,000, for Single Bed is Rs.20,000 and for ICU / Suite Room is Rs.30,000. If the bill amount crosses the deposit amount, then you will be required to pay the same immediately.
    3. After admission, on written request, the patient can be transferred to a higher category bed subject to its availability.
    4. If the patient has to undergo surgery, kindly get an O.T. Clearance Slip from the Billing counter after paying the surgery deposit.
    5. Deposits / Payments are to be made through Cash or Master / VISA cards only. No other cards or form of payments will be accepted.
    6. If you are a corporate (credit) patient, then you need to produce an authorisation letter from your company at the front desk. Patients who fail to produce the authorisation letter will be required to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission (which will be refunded at the time of discharge and once the authorization letter is received). Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.
    7. Patient’s discharge would be authorised only as per the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Attendant’s Policy

    1.  One Attendant can stay in a Single Room / Suite only at an extra cost.
    2. Attendant’s meals can be provided by the hospital at an extra cost.
    3. If an emergency occurs, it is very important that quick and easy access is available to the Patient Room / Operation Theatres / ICU.
    4. The hospital therefore, requests visitors and attendants not to wait in the corridors / lobbies around the Operation Theatre / ICU / Ward.
  • Patients Responsiblities

    1. Each patient has the responsibility to accurately inform the hospital’s medical representatives of his / her medical history, previous hospitalizations and medications. This is extremely critical as the patient and the patient’s previous medical records are the best source of information regarding the patient’s health.
    2. Each patient is responsible for respecting the rights of other patients / staff, especially regarding visitors, noise, anything that may cause a nuisance / annoyance to others. Thoughtful consideration is as much a responsibility as a right.
    3. Each patient is further responsible for making arrangements for the prompt payment of bills. Only through co-operation and financial promptness can our hospital continue to serve the community.
    4. Each patient is responsible for informing the para-medical Team / Consultant / Technician if he / she is unable to follow instructions or finds it unclear. Patients are responsible for cooperation and compliance to diet restrictions, medications and methods / prescriptions as instructed by the Doctors / Nurses / Dieticians.
    5. Patients are responsible for careful use of hospital supplies and property.
    6. Patients are themselves responsible for their personal belongings. The hospital shall not take any responsibility for any loss or theft of any of the patient’s personal belongings.
    7. Each patient is responsible for making known in a courteous manner his/her dis-satisfaction with any aspect of the hospital service and not to speak loudly or abusively with other patients or hospital staff.
    8. Patients are expected to provide their complete and accurate information, including their full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, particulars of next-of-kin and insurance company / TPA / employer, past illness, and medication details, wherever required.
    9. Patients are expected to have understood all instructions before signing the consent forms.