24×7 Services

– Dedicated Emergency Medical Team
– ICU, NICU & Critical Care
– Diagnostic Services
– Pharmacy
– Ambulances

Our Doctors

With a dedicated team of experience doctors, IRIS boasts of some of the finest medical talents in Kolkata. To book an appointment, simply use our online booking form and we will call you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call any of our helplines.

Surgery Packages

We understands that surgeries can be a testing time for famlilies emotionally and financially. We have created surgical packages that are all inclusive and completely transparent.


– Eminent & Experienced Doctors
– State of the Art facilities
– Affordable Rates & Transparent Billing
– Located in the heart of the South Kolkata
– Tie up with all TPA and Corporates
– WBHS recognised Class I hospital

Health Check Ups

We offer basic to the most advanced health packages for all age groups at affordable prices designed by expert doctors keeping the convenience of customers in mind.

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IRIS offers state of the art facilities for diagnostics catering to all age groups. With facilities open 24 hours we are here to help you with all diagnostic requirements.

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Located in the heart of South Kolkata, IRIS offers cutting edge medical facilities complemented with experienced doctors round the clock.

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Baby and Child Birth

Best pregnancy and childcare experts in Kolkata. Fully equipped and backed up NICU and ICU.

Critical Care

IRIS has a well stocked 24 hour pharmacy located on the ground floor for admitted and out patients.


With the best dentists and orthodontists in Kolkata and an impressive list of qualified dentists.


Dedicated Gastro Unit for all types of Procedures like ERCP, Endoscopy and much more.

General Surgery

State-of-the-art surgical set-up with imported equipment and instruments with the best surgeons in Kolkata.


Best gynaecologists in Kolkata to handle any type of complications / emergencies.


State-of-the-art surgical set-up for all types of cancer surgeries and treatment.


The Department of Neurology at IRIS is committed to integrating their exceptional medical expertise, technology and innovation to offer best in class treatments.


The IRIS Oncology Team brings together some of the brightest minds in Medical and Surgical Oncology, who are trained at renowned institutes in India and abroad.


24-hours emergency with Trauma & Fracture management with the best Bone and Joint Surgery experts in Kolkata


The Physiotherapy Department is responsible for providing pre-and post-operative physiotherapeutic intervention.


A complete solution for all problems. Call our hotlines for any emergencies.

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Our Surgery Packages

General Surgery

General Surgery is the most ancient part of medicine from the days of Susrut and ancient Egyptians surgery and excision of organs were performed to heal patients. At IRIS a plethora of such cutting edge general surgery solutions are available.

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Joint Replacement

Hip / Knee Replacement is currently the most successful and reliable orthopaedic operation with maximum number of patients reporting improved outcome. IRIS on a regular basis performs this surgery at a very reasonable price.

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IRIS offers the patient to undergo total laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery at a cost which is one of the lowest when compared to the other centres in Kolkata, India. It is amongst one of the affordable hospitals for any surgeries.

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Neurology is the branch of medical sciences that specialises in dealing with disorders of the nervous system. At IRIS, we are happy to bring to patients requiring neurological care and treatment a whole range of services to address conditions involving the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, along with a wide range of neurosurgery facilities.

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The Department of Urology at IRIS offers a comprehensive urological service to diagnose and treat kidney stone diseases, urological cancers, incontinence, infertility, impotence, female urology, paediatric urology, prostatic surgery and other urinary difficulties

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    “IRIS was my best medical experience ever.
    I would recommend IRIS Hospital to anyone requiring medical attention.”

    Mr. Soumen Chatterjee, 44, Kolkata


    “I went to IRIS for my Knee Replacement Surgery and the facilities for the price they are offering is unbelievable. All the best to the team at IRIS.”

    Mr. Basudev Sengupta, 38, Kolkata


    “My experience at IRIS was wonderful. The doctors and nurses at IRIS are friendly and caring. Very affordable prices.”

    Mrs. Barka Mukherjee, 42, Kolkata